15 in N-Djamena Chad Years Experience XPE Foam Crosslinked Polyehylene Foam Closed Cell PE Foam

15  in N-Djamena Chad  Years Experience XPE Foam   Crosslinked Polyehylene Foam   Closed Cell PE Foam

XPE Foam / Crosslinked Polyehylene Foam / closed mobile PE foam

technical specs

XPE Foam:
1)Insulation resistance
three)sound absorption

XPE/IXPE relevant attribute:

(one) thermal insulation–Its sligEPT unbiased bubble framework, decreases the strength exchange which effectively the air convection causes, suits the manufacture tubular holder, the warmth preservation board. And has both from condensation, causes it extremely suited to use in the refrigerator, the air conditioning and the cold storage and so on wet environment thermal insulation substance.

(2) cushion–His/her fifty percent flinty foaming physique is attacked, does not lose the return to original state performance, employs in the precision EPT, the semiconductor, and so on digital items domains and so on EPT.

(3) sound absorption–Has the seem absorption and sound reduction operate, appropriate to use in the auto, the electrical motor and so on the powerful noise tools and the setting sound absorption seem-proof material.

(4) formability–(XPE/IXPE) thermally stable, delaEPTthe functionality to be excellent, the density is even, might understand the vacuum forming and the hot formation and so on deep place(XPE/IXPE)

(five) in addition, XPE/IXPE also has non-toXiHu (West Lake) Dis.c, tasteless, bears the medicines, oil resistant, acidproof, to bear the halogen and other each and every sort of substances functionality, and extremely easy to approach, may possibly the random dinking die, with numerous sorts of materials fitting, preserve strength, the environmental safety content as the new era to have the broad prospective customers for deveXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.ment hugely efficient.

XPE/IXPE major software:

(one) EPT domain,Digital electric appliance, component, domestic electric powered appliances and so on ask for higher protections and EPT materials

(two) autos domain, In the car decorates, the ceiling, the gauge board, to obstruct the previous board, the chiller, the flooring to urgently want the substance.

(three) cultural sports, grocery area: The school instructing with the substance, the youngster toy, the athletics with every single variety of cushion, the surfboard, swims with the life jacket, the float and the cushion employs the substance The kitchen uses the bathtub tank, the mat, the tub trough cover and the slipper, the hat and so on.

(four) cold greenhouse EPT, water tank, reservoir thermal insulation substance The central air conditioning, the air conditioning use the thermal insulation content and so on.

(5) constructs, the development area, the roof, the wall warmth insulation, the warmth preservation, the cushion, towards condensation, the waterproofing, the antidrip, the corrosion preventing substance Design every sort of basis material Frostproof, quakeproof cushion substance Interior decoration, wallpaper, mattress materials and so on.

Certificate authentication :

We complied with SGS, ROHS ,ISO9001,UL and other international stXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.rds.

Any measurement can be EPT .

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Contact:amyXiHu (West Lake) Dis.ao

Examination Product Index
three Moments five Moments 8 Times 10 Instances 15 Instances twenty Occasions 25 Occasions 30 Moments 35 Moments 40 Instances StXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.rd
Density (kg/m3) 300 plusmn40 200 plusmn30 125 plusmn15 a hundred plusmn10 66.seven plusmn8 50 plusmn6 forty plusmn4 33.3 plusmn3 28.6 plusmn3 26 plusmn3 GB/T6343
Shore Hardnes ( deg) gt3mm Thick 65~75 sixty~70 fifty~sixty forty five~50 35~forty five thirty~35 25~30 18~twenty five 13~18 thirteen~eighteen GB/T2411
le3mm Thick fifty five~65 forty five~fifty five 35~forty five 25~35 20~25 15~twenty
Tensile Stength (Mpa) T ge1.4 ge1.three ge0.nine ge0.seven ge0.5 ge0.4 ge0.three ge0.2 ge0.fifteen ge0.15 GB/T6344
L ge1.six ge1.five ge1. ge0.8 ge0.six ge0.five ge0.4 ge0.25 ge0.2 ge0.two
EEPTation (%) T ge210 ge200 ge150 ge130 ge130 ge130 ge110 ge110 ge100 ge100 GB/T6344
L ge230 ge220 ge170 ge150 ge150 ge150 ge120 ge120 ge110 ge110
Tearing Stength (KN/m) T ge10 ge9 ge8 ge6 ge4 ge2.five ge2 ge1.5 ge1.three ge1.three GB/T10808
L ge10 ge9 ge8 ge6 ge4 ge2.five ge2 ge1.2 ge1.two ge1.two
Compressed Distortions (%)23 plusmn2,22h le2 le2 le3 le5 le7 le8 le9 le10 le11 le11 GB/T6669
Dimensions alter fee (%)70 plusmn2,22h T le-four le-4 le-four le-four le-4 le-6 le-6 le-6 le-6 le-6 GB/T8811
L le-6 le-six le-six le-6 le-six le-eight le-eight le-eight le-eight le-8
Water Absorbtion (g/cm2) 23 plusmn2,24h le0.02 le0.02 le0.02 le0.03 le0.03 le0.04 le0.04 le0.05 le0.05 le0.05 GB/T1034
Thermal Conductivity (w/m.k) le0.095 le0.095 le0.084 le0.073 le0.065 le0.055 le0.049 le0.045 le0.040 le0.040 GB/T15717

15  in N-Djamena Chad  Years Experience XPE Foam   Crosslinked Polyehylene Foam   Closed Cell PE Foam

15  in N-Djamena Chad  Years Experience XPE Foam   Crosslinked Polyehylene Foam   Closed Cell PE Foam