40tpd Continuous Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant of Shredded Rubber Powder

40tpd Continuous Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant of Shredded Rubber Powder

Continuous Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant of Shredded Rubber Powder

Most Advanced Tyre Pyrolysis Plant one Established

Software:Squander tyre to oil

Advantages:complete vehicle,ongoing generation,conserve labour and energy,environmental

Design#: BJ amp1.6m*13m*2 reactors


two.Procedure Circulation Diagram

Distinctive Technological innovation Advantage
1,Sophisticated Vitality Saving Technological innovation of Cycle Heating Internal and Exterior
The basis of strength preserving technologies lies in:the gasoline is immediately heated in the quotinternal reactor quot,which can transfers warmth vitality similarly to the reactor all close to in 360 diploma.The heating effectiveness is two or 3 instances much more than the way of heating at the bottom of the reactor only.
Meanwhile, the material is distributed on the surface area of the quotinternal reactor in 360 degrees quot, with big location of warmth absorption, and the heat strength is completely absorbed in the quotinternal reactor quot.At the identical time, the heat energy of the quotinternal reactor quot is circulated to heating stove of quotexternal reactor quot and warmth to reactor.The heat vitality is transmitted to the quotmaterial preheater quot once again right after secondary uEPTzation and then preheat materials.
Thrice use like this, eEPTly the two heat absorption and heat release evenly all all around of interior reactor, warmth uEPTzation increases three-four occasions.

two,Sophisticated Ongoing Procedure Technology
Continuous generation have to be accomplished jointly in 3 basic backlinks, specifically uninterrupted feeding, steady slag discharge and uninterrupted oiland gasoline discharge.In distinct, ongoing feeding and constant slag discharge are two important systems, which are the core technologies related to the true uninterrupted manufacturing.
Simply because feeding can not be constant if slag could not be discharged in time.Then it can not recognized continuous running if with no constant slag discharge.
The crucial technology lies in our layout of quotautomatic fuel seal feeding, slag discharge strategy quot which beEPTs to our company’s proprietary and patEPTd technological innovation. Hence,in substantial temperature situation,feeding substance can be thrust into reactor,then slag discharge out of reactor,in the meantime hydrocarbone can constantly fractionate out of the reactor to attain completely constant generation of feeding,slag discharge,oil generating in a single production line,drastically strengthening the manufacturing performance and environmental protection impact.

3,Advanced Automatic Decoking Elimination Engineering
At present, the greatest issue for continuous production of rotary reactor is thick coke will be shaped continuously when feeding supplies are influenced by substantial temperature in the reactor, which not only tends to make the response unable to commence, but also damages the tools speedily.The company invEPTd a series of automatic decoking units, such as quotPlate decoking technique quot quotShoveling pushing decoking approach quot quotFriction decoking technique quot, etc,which can consistently remove the coke in the reactor to ensure the steady response and significantly lengthen the life of the tools, completely resolve the difficulty of components (eEPTly plastic and liquid uncooked resources) in the operating of reactor.
EPTortant info:Oil content material of carbon black from our EPT:.3%. Great good quality carbon black sells at excellent price tag.

four,Advanced Catalytic Cracking Engineering in Reduced Temperature
EPTly, minimal engineering EPTrprises adopt basic heating pyrolysis approach for oil refining, and numerous recombinant fractions larger than the molecular weigEPT of diesel 220 which will fall short to be pyrolyzed and cannot be converted into certified gas oil.Our company adopts quotPrecious Oil quot sequence of conversion brokers to depolymerize macromolecules and hazardous substances in reactor. At the identical time, deep cracking agent was utilized in the EPT set mattress catalytic tower to more crack macromolecules and maXiHu (West Lake) Dis.maly boost the oil recycling price. Moreover, the stop oil has much better top quality with less colloid and asphaltene.Thanks to the influence of catalyst, the temperature of pyrolysis is reduced, there is no coking in the products, so the quality of carbon black excellent.

five,Advanced Sulfer Elimination Technology
In the tire reaction,with new sulphur-fixative added into the reactor, sulfide of feeding materials will solidify through complexation and gasified sulfide will be absorbed, therefore to prevent sulfide emission into the stop oil and all around air.

6,Advanced Sulfer Elimination Technologies
In orEPTto make sure the exact and sleek production operation , the relevant device important elements are mounted EPT EPTs which will centralized control of all info,therefore will hugely enhance the controllability of operation and timely troubles processing .

Environmental Safety and EPT
(one)No dust.Main pyrolysis system function in closed situation (reactors) in creation.
That is to say safe operation in a completely shut gear.

(two)Non-condensate gasoline(primarily C1-4)
The non-condensed gas recycled can transfer into heating system by itself to help the steady creation.If there is a problem in the technique, turn off the heater, the heating resource can be lower off instantaneously to ensure the security of the program.

(3)Double insurance secutiry device and alarm device are mounted on the every single important elements

40tpd Continuous Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant of Shredded Rubber Powder

40tpd Continuous Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant of Shredded Rubber Powder