China Excellent Electrical Insulation Ultrafine Silica Powder at Best Price

China Excellent Electrical Insulation Ultrafine Silica Powder at Best Price

Solution Description:

Ultrafine silica powEPTis a type of inorganic nonmetallic mineral functional powEPTmaterial, which is manufactured of organic quartz ore, fused silica and so on.It is finely processed by color variety, acid leaching, flotation, magnetic separation, grinding and precision classification.It has wonderful particles, no large particles, good suspension and narrow particle size distribution.The specific surface area area is massive, the settlement resistance is excellent, and has particular reinforcing effect.It also has superb properties this sort of as acid and alkali corrosion resistance, very poor thermal conductivity, high insulation, minimal expansion and substantial purity.


Commonly utilized in digital resources, electrical insulation supplies, paint coatings, ink, silicone rubber, mixed silicone rubber, plastics (plastic film, plastic particles), useful rubber, sole rubber, chemical supplies, nano-components, integrated circuit (IC) plastic sealing supplies and filling supplies, precision casting, precision ceramics, adhesive, navy protection and other fields.

Main features:

1.Good particle size, no huge particles, large purity, excellent whiteness and uniform particle measurement distribution.
two, Low ion material, lower conductivity, outstanding electrical insulation.
three.Stable chemical homes, no reaction with any other substances besides hydrofluoric acid and powerful foundation.
4.Very good suspension, excellent settlement resistance.
5.Acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, excellent insulation overall performance.

Business Data

EPT mineral products employs higher-good quality quartz – h2o washing -EPTdrying /drying – miXiHu (West Lake) – compound / melting – dry ball milling – classifier grading – impurity / intricate miXiHu (West Lake) – EPT, warehousing and other innovative creation procedures.At present, far more than thirty kinds of silica micro-powEPTproducts, such as crystalline silica micro-powder, fused silica micro-powder, lively (modified) silica micro-powder, high purity silica micro-powder, comfortable composite silica micro-powder, electronic silica micro-powder, electrical silica micro-powder, extremely-fine silica micro-powder, spherical silica micro-powder, glass powder, quartz powder, large purity quartz sand and fused silica sand, have been deveXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.ed and made, which are oriEPTd to adhesives, digital supplies, fused silica micro-powEPTand so on.Electrical insulating materials, liquid crystal glass, health care resources, dental supplies, precision casting, paint coating, purposeful rubber, plastics, chemical resources, nanometer supplies, superior building components and other hundreds of various EPT.Item Marketing and advertising covers far more than 20 provinces and locations in the place, as properly as exported to Asia, Europe, the EPT States, Africa and other nations around the world.

HangZhou Hao Sen has strong specialized energy, superior tests EPTs, and improve the pre-sale, sale, right after-product sales provider program.AlwaEPTadhere to the idea that quotquality is the existence of EPTrprises and innovation is the soul of EPTrprises quot.Relying on abundant quartz mineral methods, we are fully commited to getting to be the top provider of EPT powEPTmaterials software packages and try to offer customers with the greatest quality goods and services.

OUR Services:
one.Timely reaction
Timely response to your inquiry, multiple choice recommendations dependent on your demand, speedily reply mails and provide answers.
2.Sample check
Samples and demo orEPTare acknowledged for the high quality examine.
3.Rigorous high quality management
Set up creation on time and manage high quality strictly.
four.Shorter shipping and delivery time
More substantial creation potential and hassle-free transportation promise the supply time.
5.Specialist and total shipping paperwork
Supply all the details and photos in specifics from orEPTto shipping and delivery
Provide relative export documents and original certificate if necessary
6.Warm and appreciable following-sale support

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China Excellent Electrical Insulation Ultrafine Silica Powder at Best Price

China Excellent Electrical Insulation Ultrafine Silica Powder at Best Price