Food Medicine Industrial Tech Grade Calcium Stearate Powder 98 with CAS 1592-23-0

Food Medicine Industrial Tech Grade Calcium Stearate Powder 98 with CAS 1592-23-0

Foodstuff/Medicine/EPT/Tech quality Calcium Stearate powEPT98 with CAS 1592-23-

Item Description

This solution can be employed as heat stabilizer of polyvinyl chloride with outstanding lubricity. Its thermal stability is not as great as that of barium stearate, guide stearate, tin stearate and cadmium stearate. But cheap and straightforward to get, low toXiHu (West Lake), good processing. It has synergistic result with zinc soap and epoxy compound, and can increase thermal security. It is usually utilised in comfortable items with non-toXiHu (West Lake) Dis.c specifications these kinds of as foods EPT film and medical equipment. The gelation charge can be improved when employed with foundation guide salt and guide cleaning soap in difficult products. Calcium stearate can be utilized in polyethylene and polypropylene to eradicate the adverse influence of residual catalysts on the coloration and steadiness of the resin. The item is also commonly utilised as a lubricant and movie release agent for thermosetting plastics these kinds of as polyolefin, polyester bolstered plastics, phenolic resins and amino resins.

The drawback of calcium stearate is the initial coloration, previously mentioned a hundred ordmC heating time is EPTer, can make the white PVC plastic into a reddish, notably in the formula in the existence of EPTium dioXiHu (West Lake), shading is especially acute. At this time, if .06 ~ .twelve%Na2CO3 or .09 ~ .19NaHCO3 is included, this defect can be defeat, but due to the fact these substances are also alkaline, they are not utilised in apply. In addition, the volume of this product, segregation and scaling phenomenon.

Merchandise Index
Melting Point 147-149 degC
Denstiy one.08g/cm3
Storage At +5 degC to +thirty degC.
Solubility Soluble in scorching pyridine, slightly soluble in oil, but insoluble in liquor and ether.
Type White Powder
H2o Solubility Insoluble H2O, ether, chloroform slightly soluble very hot mineral oils


Non-toXiHu (West Lake) Dis.c stabilizers, lubricants, demoulding brokers and textile waterproofing brokers for PVC and Abs plastics.

Also Used as drinking water repellent, lubricant and plastic additive. Commonly utilised in foods, medication, cosmetics, plastic rubber and other EPT, mostly employed as lubricant, emulsifier, stabilizer, launch agent, accelerator, cosmetics base supplies and so on.

The velocity of condensation can be improved in rigid plastic products. Can also be utilized in meals EPT, healthcare devices and other non-toXiHu (West Lake) Dis.c soft movie, at the same time has stabilizer effect, EPT-expression balance is much better. In polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride stabilizer and lubricant, as halogen absorbent in polyethylene and polypropylene, the adverse influence of residual catalyst on resin coloration and stability can be eliminated.

It is commonly utilised in overseas nations to increase the warmth resistance of pl
astics and enhance the first coloring and permeability of local climate resistance, which will change the toXiHu (West Lake) Dis.c stabilizer with the exact same houses.

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EPTly, the powEPTof Magnesium carbonate will be packed in sealed plastic bags, and then be locked into the carton barrels or sealed in woven bags or craft paper baggage. But we could also pack it with aluminium foil bags to supply more security to the goods as our customers’ necessary.



1. Sample orEPTdelivery in 24 hours, modest orEPT7-15 functioning days, mass orEPT15-30 functioning times

two. Our day-to-day floccXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.t poEPTcrylamide powder output at about 200 tons,it can ensure we supply on time

three. Our business will decide on the ideal shipping and delivery way according to your distinct scenario


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A1: We are a Manufacture in China.

Q2: Could I have a sample order?
A2: Indeed ,we welcome sample orEPTto test and check out our top quality.Contact Us and explain to me your need of the merchandise you want.We can offer totally free sample,you just offer us the freigEPT gather.

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A3: L/C,T/T,Western Union,Paypal.

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A4: Generally our provide is legitimate for one week. Nevertheless, validity migEPT differ in between different items.

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A6: Typically loading port is ZheEPTng port,we also can ship from other ports if you want.

Food Medicine Industrial Tech Grade Calcium Stearate Powder 98 with CAS 1592-23-0

Food Medicine Industrial Tech Grade Calcium Stearate Powder 98 with CAS 1592-23-0