Granular Potassium Carbonate

Granular Potassium Carbonate

Granular Potassium Carbonate

Solution Description

Potassium Carbonate (K2CO3)

Other Name : Carbonate of potash, Dipotassium carbonate, Sub-carbonate of potash, Pearl ash,

Potash, Salt of tartar, Salt of wormwood
Chemical formula : K2CO3
Molar Mass : 138.205g/mol
Appearance : White, hygroscopic Strong
Density : 2.forty three g/cm3
Melting stage : 891 degC
Boiling stage : decomposes
Solubility in water : 112 g/100 mL (twenty degC) / 156 g/100 mL (a hundred degC)
Solubility : insoluble in alcoholic beverages, acetone


Test Product


Analysis Outcomes

KtwoCO3 % ge

ninety nine

ninety nine.five

KCL % le



KtwoSOfour % le



Fe % le



H2o insoluble % le



Heating reduction % le



EPT Specifics
25kg PP/PE bag27 tons per 1×20’fcl with out pallet.


one.FerEPTzer market

2.Glass and ceramic EPT

3.Rubber Chemical compounds


5.Foodstuff additives

six.Developing material

7.Detergents, pesticides, feeds

8.EPT and dyeing

9.Gasoline adsorbent, dry powEPTfire extinguishing agent and many others.

ten.As an ingredient in welding fluxes, and in the flux coating on arc welding rods

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Granular Potassium Carbonate

Granular Potassium Carbonate