Redispersible Latex Powder

Redispersible Latex Powder

Reproducible dispersible emulsion powEPT(VAE) – is a white powEPTof ethylene – vinyl acetate copolymer shaped by EVA emulsion right after spray drying, which is easy to reemulsify and disperse in h2o to type a stabilizer emulsion.In addition to obtaining the unique excellent performance of EVA emulsion, and due to the fact it is a freely flowing powder, it has outstanding usefulness and dependability in managing and storage.


one. Polymer resin: positioned at the core of the rubber powEPTparticles, it is also the primary component of the redispersible laEPT powder, for example, polyvinyl acetate/vinyl resin.

2. Additives: used with resins to modify resins, such as plasticizers that minimize the movie temperature of resins (generally vinyl acetate/ethylene copolymers do not call for plasticizers).Not each and every kind of rubber powEPThas additives.

three. Protecting colloid: a layer of hydrophilic materials wrapped on the floor of redispersible laEPT powEPTparticles. The protective colloid of most redispersible laEPT powEPTis polyvinyl alcoholic beverages

four. For additives (external) : to more broaden the overall performance of the re-dispersible laEPT powder, an additional material is included.This sort of as the addition of super h2o EPT in some of the rubber powEPTand the addition of additives, not every type of redispersible laEPT powEPTcontains this additive.

5. Anti-caking agent: fine mineral filler, mostly utilized to avoid the caking of rubber powEPTduring storage and transportation so as to faXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.tate the circulation of rubber powEPT(from the paper bag or tank truck).

Redispersible laEPT powEPThas substantial adhesion and distinctive properties, and exceptional alkali resistance of mortar, so as to improve the adhesion of mortar, flexural strength, h2o resistance, plasticity, use resistance and development, in addition to the fleXiHu (West Lake) Dis.ble crack mortar has a much better fleXiHu (West Lake) Dis.bility.

Suggested use: exterior wall insulation mortar tiles bonding mortar tiles sealant rigid waterproof mortar

Interior and exterior wall putty powEPTself-leveling mortar interface mortar decorative mortar

Mend mortar cement basis plate environmental defense diatom mEPTbonding/portray plaster

Redispersible Latex Powder

Redispersible Latex Powder