Rubber Powder Production Line Rubber Tire Crusher

Rubber Powder Production Line Rubber Tire Crusher

Solution Description
Rubber Powder Generation Line/Rubber Tire Crusher

Automatic Production Line Approach

Squander Tires- #8594Single Hook Debeader- #8594Tire Cutter- #8594EPT Tire Shredder- #8594Rubber Crusher – #8594Oscillating Display,
Conveyor Belt, Magnetic Crops- #8594Fiber Separator – #8594Fine Rubber PowEPTPulverizer- #8594Rubber Powder

Semi-Automated Manufacturing Line Approach
Waste Tires- #8594Ring Cutter- #8594Press loop EPT- #8594Strips Cutter- #8594Blocks Cutter- #8594Rubber Crusher – #8594Oscillating Display screen,
Conveyor Belt, Magnetic Vegetation- #8594Fiber Separator – #8594Fine Rubber PowEPTPulverizer- #8594Rubber Powder

Rubber Crusher ( It will be picked according to your require ability)

one. This Rubber EPT is utilized for crushing rubber and plastic. The roll made of alloy chilled forged iron is greater
than those of common chilled solid iron.

2. The inside of the two rolls is vacant and spray variety. The temperature of roll area is even.

3. To guarantee the protection, we install crisis pulling up equipment. Hassle-free variety adjustment is established in
manually procedure. The basic safety shut down in manual operation is set, with the perform of automatic crawl again
swing the roll.

four. Hassle-free range adjustment is established in manually procedure. The EPT EPT adopts channel-bottom head for
hassle-free carrying and maintance.

The Rubber PowEPThas much more Apps, please refer to the below introduce:

five-10 mesh: runway, university playgrounds, XiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.den paths, bowling alleys, sidewalks, composite rubber floor tiles,
anti-static flooring tiles, synthetic turf, playground, synthetic turf soccer area the the kinderXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.10 sports activities venues and
caEPT tennis and basketball courts.

10-20 mesh: rubber flooring tiles, plastic runway, lawn quartz sand, cottonseed husk pellet, tennis courts, volleyball
courts, a golf course, plane pitch, basketball court and leisure discipline, EPDM basic safety mats, fitness center mats, all
types of The stadium flooring mats.

thirty mesh: plastic insulation material, watertight material, shockproof, washers, roof and wall waterproofing
membrane, modified biHangZhou additives, reclaimed rubber, livestock, straw mats, fender, multifunctional mat,
stable mat.

40 mesh: reclaimed rubber waterproofing membrane, modified biHangZhou additives, carpet padding, sleepers,
rubber sheet, livestock grass mats, rubber drinking water-quit gate waterstops, bearings, seal, buffer, brake brake linings
include, drainage pipes, gloves, rubber bands, elastic band, roof symptoms, brick content best liner, sanitary pumps,
corner glue, wheel alignment, the pump pumping sand pads, fenders, multi-perform pad, stables pad, resistance
burning content, seem insulation supplies, rubber and rubber-soled, window sealing strip of rubber products
and agricultural Oaks (milk) Polystyrene.

60 mesh: sleepers, rubber sheet, waterproofing membrane, reclaimed rubber, tire interior cushion, vehicle underbody sealed,
watertight ring, rubber miscellaneous items the alternative native gum creation of rubber goods.

80 mesh: modified asphalt additives, reclaimed rubber, water-resistant membrane, the dimension of the tire additives, sleepers,
deceleration street humps, sealing strips, buffer, styrofoam pearls pad, rubber goods, rubber piston, brake gate bushing.

one hundred mesh: automotive bias tires auXiHu (West Lake) Dis.liary EPTized EPT of materials, footwear, athletics products tires.

one hundred twenty mesh: plastic pipe insulation content additives, automotive bias tires auXiHu (West Lake) Dis.liary supplies, automobile refurbished exterior pad,
dedicated shoe filler, chemical sealant different rubber seepage mixtures.

200 mesh: developing content coatings, car tires, and alternative uncooked rubber creation of numerous rubber items.

Technical parameter Type XKP-four hundred XKP-450 XKP-560
Entrance roll diameter(mm) 400 450 560
Rear roll diameter(mm) 400(Groove roller) 450(Groove roller) 510(Groove roller)
Working length of rolls(mm) 600 650 800
Entrance roll surface area pace(m/min) 17.32 23.two 25.fifty six
Friction ratio one: 1.38 1: one.38 1: 1.

Rubber Powder Production Line Rubber Tire Crusher

Rubber Powder Production Line Rubber Tire Crusher