Agricultural axle without brake

Agricultural axle Without Brake

What is a Trailer Axle?

An axle is a vital component of trailers or semi-trailers. It serves as a crucial connection for the wheels, supporting and transferring the vehicle’s load. Aside from bearing the weight, it also provides suspension and steering functionalities. Here are some key aspects of understanding axles:

The Axle’s Role

The axle’s primary function is to bear the weight of the vehicle, passengers, and additional load. It is the axle’s responsibility to evenly distribute this weight across the wheels, ensuring stability and balance during movement.

Suspension and Steering

Besides bearing weight, the axle also plays a crucial part in the vehicle’s suspension and steering systems. The axle works in sync with the suspension system to absorb shocks and vibrations during the vehicle’s movement, ensuring a smooth ride. In terms of steering, it enables the wheel’s rotation, facilitating the vehicle’s changes in direction.

Structure of a Trailer Axle

A trailer axle is composed of several parts, each playing a significant role in its operation.

Trailer Axle Structure

Axle Tube

The axle tube is the main body of the trailer axle. Usually an empty metal tube, it has enough strength to bear the vehicle’s load. It connects and supports the wheels and absorbs shocks via the suspension system.

Axle Ends

The ends of the axle usually have axle heads for connecting the wheels. These axle heads come with hub and bearing components that support the wheel’s rotation and ensure the wheel’s safe operation on the axle.

Suspension System

The trailer axle works in conjunction with the suspension system to provide the vehicle’s suspension and shock-absorbing functions. The suspension system can include springs, shock absorbers, suspension arms, and other components. They help disperse and absorb shocks and vibrations during the vehicle’s operation.

Steering System

Some trailer axles might also have a steering function that allows the vehicle to turn. The steering system usually includes parts that connect the axle and the steering device, such as steering arms, connecting rods, and steering mechanisms.

Trailer Axle Steering System

Choosing the Right Trailer Axle for Your Vehicle

Choosing the right trailer axle for your vehicle involves considering several parameters.

Load Capacity

You need to determine the maximum load weight your vehicle needs to carry. The selected axle should safely and effectively support this load.

Track and Hub Configuration

Ensure the axle length and hub configuration match your vehicle’s tire size and track requirements to ensure compatibility during installation and operation.

Suspension Type

The common suspension types include independent suspension and rigid suspension. Independent suspension provides better shock absorption and suspension effects, suitable for applications requiring smoother rides.

Steering Requirements

If your vehicle needs steering functionality, choose an axle with a steering system. The chosen axle should be compatible with your steering device and provide excellent steering performance and reliability.

Popular Applications of Axles

Axles find extensive application in various sectors.

Camping and Leisure

Camping trailers, caravans, and other recreational vehicles use trailer axles for support and suspension.

Agriculture and Agricultural Machinery

Agricultural trailers and machinery use trailer axles to carry agricultural equipment, crops, and other agricultural purposes.

Marine and Boat Transport

Boat trailers use trailer axles to support and transport boat hulls, making boat transportation more convenient and efficient.

Automobile Transport

Transporting cars, trucks, and other types of vehicles, auto transport trailer axles usually have high load capacity and appropriate track configurations to ensure safe and stable automobile transport.

About Our Trailer Axle Factory

Established in 1999, our company is one of the most professional axle manufacturers in China. Our factory covers an area of 20,000 square meters. We pass the ISO/TS16949 quality testing certification every year. We can provide professional design and customization services. Our products are sold to more than 30 countries and regions worldwide. The product quality and service have been highly praised by users.

Our Production Equipment

The company adopts advanced equipment, including electron beam welding machines, arc welding robots, CNC machining centers, CNC plate welding gantry cutting centers, large hydraulic presses, large cylindrical grinding machines, automatic spraying lines, ultrasonic detectors, three-coordinate measuring instruments, and a series of the most advanced manufacturing and fatigue testing inspection equipment.

Our Main Products

We produce a wide range of products, including German and American standard axle assemblies, auto parts, various types of light axles, mechanical suspensions, air suspensions, single-point suspensions, wheel and brake drum assemblies and their supporting parts, European-style agricultural axle series, a line of rigid double axles, torsion arm axle series, and other products, including trailer parts.

Author: Miya